Space // 

For something that might not even exist, black holes do a whole lot of work for modern physics. These regions of …

Clay Dillow at 06:25 AM Feb 17 2012

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – In the basement of a quaintly cramped building on the Harvard University campus, down a set of …

Rebecca Boyle at 05:48 AM Nov 3 2011
Science // 

When the Euclid space telescope mission lifts off at the end of this decade, it will map galaxy clusters in infrared …

Rebecca Boyle at 06:00 AM Oct 11 2011
Science // 

A scientist from the Australian National University has, along with two American scientists, been named a Nobel …

Nick Gilbert at 23:53 PM Oct 4 2011

It took nearly a year of high-powered number crunching on various supercomputers, but researchers from the University…

Clay Dillow at 06:08 AM Aug 31 2011
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