The future of food? Everyone needs to eat right, but how can we feed a projected 9 billion people? It might not be as hard as you think... Plus the Martian, electric cars, and more!

Want to go to space but are also terrified of rockets, intense acceleration, loud noises, and not having a bar? Then we may have a solution for you. Plus super short sci-fi from the world's best authors!

The Future of War! Obviously, we hope there won't be another major global conflict but if there is, it will be all about the tech. And this issue shows you why. Plus... Hyperloop!

The fastest spy plane ever built is also a drone. Find out why hypersonic is the new supersonic, figure out the world's energy problems, resurrect the mammoth and an almost incomprehensible huge variety of other interesting things - all in one magazine!

Hey look it's a flying car! We are morally obliged to run flying car stories on the cover of Australian Popular Science and the Aeromobil is one of the most promising flying cars yet. Of course, it's more a "plane you can drive home from the airport" rather than a commuter runabout, but we reach the future one step at a time right? It's part of our annual Invention issue...

Our annual Inside the Future edition is out now! We pull apart a weird and wonderful collection of technologies, scientific theories, even a little bit of nature to see what makes the future tick. Amazing illustrations, in-depth info and more! Plus...

The February 2015 issue arrives to the familiar, swelling chords of Strauss' Also sprach Zarathustra. As the sun slowly rises over the limb of Saturn's enigmatic ice-moon Enceladus, we ask the eternal question: is there life... out there... in the dark... CUE THE BRASS! Seriously though, new discoveries about what some of Earth's weirdest lifeforms can do - and how they do it - make us wonder... if life is out there, will it be stranger than we can imagine? Of course that's not all...

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