Issue #121 - November 2018

Concept cars are often hilariously over the top, but if you look beneath the zany surface you can find plenty of clues - about what YOUR car will be like in 10 years. So we've profiled five of the most radical concept cars of 2018 to do just that. Plus!

We examine the idea that we could detect aliens by first finding evidence of their space junk, or even rings of satellites around their homeworlds. 

We ask why astronomers and planetary scientists are so obsessed with the moons of the outer solar system, and with finding a hypothetical "planet X" way out beyond Pluto.

And we offer a humble solution to the seemingly intractable problem of peak hour traffic - lasers! Specifically, cheap LIDAR systems for autonomous cars, and how the autonomous revolution is still waiting for a few key pieces of technology.

Not only all that, but also a vacuum cleaner that really sucks, Australian's lithium future, why we're sending a microscope to Europa, a critique of the so-called energy efficiency of termite mounds, and heaps more!


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