Watch A Tesla Coil Play Music With Lightning At Burning Man
Lindsay Handmer
at 07:49 AM Sep 5 2014
Watch A Tesla Coil Play Music With Lightning At Burning Man
Tesla Coil in action
Peretz Partensky
Make // 

Burning Man is full of amazing light shows and artistic installations, but we can't go past a Tesla Coil. Especially when it is being used to play music with 3 meter long bolts of man made lightning.

The project was funded through Kickstarter and built by a team with degrees in Physics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. They used a proven Tesla Coil design, mounted on a huge structure as a sculpture. The idea was that people could dance to the music under a roof of sparks, literally. 

Music is produced as the electrical discharges heat the air, making it expand and contract to create pressure waves much like a traditional speaker. The music itself is from a keyboard, fed through an optic fibre link. Check it out in action below thanks to Peretz Partensky and hit up the Coup de Foudre Facebook page for pictures and information about the build. 


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