Issue #111 – February 2018

Australia is preparing for war. Not any war in particular, we just want to be ready for the next conflict. And that means gearing up with new tech for urban combat… Plus!

We wonder about the conspicuous lack of mission updates from SpaceX or NASA after the launch of a top secret military satellite (and meet the amateur astronomers who dedicate their days nights to tracking all the thing we're not supposed to know about)…

We check in with the world's only (serious, public-facing) space weather forecaster, and learn why what the Sun is doing today could be extremely relevant to our immediate future wellbeing…

We get an under-the-skin look at the massive optical-fibre rewiring job currently underway in New York. It's the tech our NBN could have been so… is it worth it? Or is the reason we can't have it simply because Australia's entire population is smaller than New York and the "tri state area"?

Then its into the rest of the mag with a DIY powerglove, submersible drones (yes, underwater drones!), virtual cocktails with real alcohol, the inner workings of a firefly's butt, a brief history of when humans got obsessed with scarce things, and much more!

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