Issue #106 – September 2017

Time heals all wounds. And that’s the least it does for your body. Turns out, without our internal body clocks, we’d all be in serious trouble. So how can taking control of your “me time” at a biological level improve your health? Plus…

Who decides what time it is, really? We meet the scientists responsible for the continuing quest to pin time itself down to the last… well, whatever they say is the smallest unit of time.

We also look to the rocks to tell us: did life on Earth actually start more than once, in more than one place?

Then, we check up on the ancient (but resurgent) art of mechanical watchmaking, set the time on a giant clock buried in a mountain, get impressed by the sheer size of Shell's new natural gas refining platform Prelude, and wonder if AI can ever learn social skills… and what that would mean for us.

It's a big issue. Get yours now, at shops!

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