Issue #105 – August 2017

Asteroids are full of money! Well, they’re full of resources that can be turned into money, but new economic models show that Earth may not see a cent of this sky-bounty. Why? Plus…

We continue the good fight against fire, this time with big data on our side.

Hackers are now coming for your brainwaves. How can you protect your password when an evil AI knows which key you're going to press next?

Speaking of AI, robots in space need to be smarter to execute their missions more effectively. Surely there's no problem sending a laser-equipped AI to Jupiter?

Plus! Extreme science in the field, a round-up of amazing headphones, the latest supertablets, a breakthrough for hypersonic flight, Toyota's hydrogen trucks, and a fidget-spinner with touch sensors and an app… and much much more!

Australian Popular Science #105- August 2017. On sale August 3 in shops!

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