Issue #101 – April 2017

Jetting to London faster than the speed of sound. The technology exists, heck the military uses it all the time. So why can’t we? Is it just a matter of regulation, or sometihng else? Does supersonic air travel have a future for ordinary folks… or will it remain the exclusive domain of the rich?


We wonder if the Doomsday Clock being set to "two and a half minutes to midnight" is REALLY something we should worry about. Is the threat it proports to signify a real thing? Does "11:57:30" even mean anything?


Anyone with a modicum of knowledge of particle physics has heard of the "double slit" or "interference" experiment, a way to visualise how light behaves as both a particle and a wave. But is this the kind of experiment a normal person could do? One man goes on a quest… that becomes an obsession… to find out.


The reporting on Australia's "power crisis" is approaching a fever pitch. Are things really that bad? We examine the recent blackouts in SA from a purely scientific perspective. Wind farms are to blame… a bit. But probably not in the way you. So what exactly is going one?


How we're accidentally creating new minerals, why artificial flavours need to be real, the world's biggest sailing yachts, a round-up of awesome microphones, remembering the X-15 hypersonic rocket plane and truly ridiculous amounts of additional content.

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