Here’s What’s In The Microsoft HoloLens Box
Carl Franzen
at 12:46 PM Apr 6 2016
Here's What's In The Microsoft HoloLens Box
HoloLens Developer Edition promotional image
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Microsoft thinks that the future of computing will be some combination of the holograms from Star Wars and the holodeck from Star Trek, which is why the company has developed the HoloLens — a headset that displays virtual characters as if they’re right beside you. Microsoft said it would begin mailing out the first Hololens headsets for software developers, which cost $3,000 each, last month. And now it’s published a video showing what you get for ponying up all that money.

Included in the box are seven different components, my personal favorite of which is an alternate “nose cap” that attaches to the headset and adjusts it to fit those of us with less conventionally-shaped schnozzes. I’m just glad the masters of our augmented reality future aren’t leaving anyone (who can pay $3,000) out.

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