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It's not just your cell phone that contains tons of information about you. The grime of daily life that coats it ...

Mary Beth Griggs at 09:29 AM Nov 18 2016
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Many of the UK's iconic red telephone booths may not be around for much longer. Starting next year, BT will start ...

Peter Hess at 14:10 PM Oct 27 2016
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The iPhone 7 may have just launched, but Apple fans dialed in to the latest rumors surrounding the next iPhone know ...

Xavier Harding at 14:10 PM Oct 27 2016
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If you're a tech company, you know you've screwed up bad when President Obama is taking shots at your latest ...

Xavier Harding at 10:25 AM Oct 25 2016
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When you think of Kodak, the words "Android smartphone" don't usually come to mind. But that may change: the camera ...

Xavier Harding at 10:39 AM Oct 21 2016
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And so the dominos begin to fall on the life of the headphone jack. The upcoming HTC Bolt is rumored to be announced ...

G. Clay Whittaker at 11:39 AM Sep 23 2016
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Sigh. Okay let's do this, by the numbers, and go: Apple will announce the iPhone 7 at its September 7 event in San ...

Xavier Harding at 09:51 AM Aug 30 2016
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