Xavier Harding
at 13:05 PM Jul 28 2016
Mobile // 

Apple is no stranger to the billion-with-a-B milestone. The computer company counts its profits in billions, its app download figures in billions and the amount of shade CEO Tim Cook throws at FBI director James Comey in billions as well. Now the company has another figure to attach the word to: one billion iPhones sold.

G. Clay Whittaker
at 10:27 AM May 19 2016

Sometimes it's nice to take a moment and enjoy the product of your company's innovations. That's just what Apple CEO Tim Cook did with GarageBand.

Carl Franzen
at 10:06 AM Mar 18 2016
Mobile // 

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been pretty outspoken about his company's decision to resist the FBI's demands that Apple create special software to help unlock iPhones in criminal investigations —namely, the recent investigation in the San Bernardino shooting suspects. But in a lengthy exclusive interview with TIME Magazine published today, the Apple CEO goes into even more exhaustive detail about his company's stance on encryption and civil liberties. Most interesting to me was this portion of the interview in which Cook says that smartphones could be used to hack the power grid:

Xavier Harding
at 08:07 AM Sep 10 2015
Gadgets // 

"The future of TV is apps," said Tim Cook at Apple's overnight event, announcing an all-new Apple TV at the company's fall event in San Francisco today. Apple's set-top box has allowed viewers to stream Netflix, YouTube and more on their television since its debut alongside the iPhone in 2007, but this is the biggest update to the product since 2010, with lots of new functionality added today.

Dave Gershgorn
at 08:07 AM Sep 10 2015
Gadgets // 

Tim Cook kicked off Apple's Fall event touting all the great things about Apple Watch: Siri, “healthy obsessions” with the activity rings, and a 97 percent customer satisfaction rate.

Emily Elert
at 02:57 AM Feb 22 2013
Tech // 

In an interview with Tim Cook last December, Bloomberg Businessweek asked the Apple CEO what it would take to "get Apple back to building things in the U.S."

Dan Nosowitz
at 04:00 AM Jun 12 2012

Apple's Tim Cook is in the middle of his keynote at WWDC 2012, this year's Worldwide Developer's Conference, and just flipped the sheet off the new line of Apple laptops. They are better than last year's! There's a much bigger separation in price and features between the two laptop lines, the Air and the Pro - the Air is Apple's laptop for everyone, now. The Pro is for, well, pros.

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