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This year, the FBI will start tracking incidents of animal abuse as part of its National Incident-Based Reporting ...

Alexandra Ossola at 13:58 PM Jan 11 2016
Tech // 

What the FBI is not disclosing is how, exactly, they did it -- and when and on whom the technology might also be used.

Rafi Letzter at 09:31 AM Oct 1 2014
Tech // 

It was a 7-Eleven's security footage that helped trace Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev to a Boston suburb the day ...

Grant Fredericks, as told to Francie Diep at 01:00 AM Apr 24 2013

In an international cyber sting that is being called the biggest cyber criminal takedown in history, the FBI has ...

Clay Dillow at 10:03 AM Nov 11 2011
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