Mary Beth Griggs
at 09:44 AM Feb 18 2015
Science // 

Scientists looking for deep sea organisms on a research cruise last month got a surprise when, instead of deep sea life, they pulled up metal balls the size of softballs. The German researchers stumbled inadvertently onto the discovery of the largest deposit of manganese nodules known to exist in the Atlantic ocean.

at 11:56 AM Jan 11 2015
Space // 

At 4:47 a.m. this morning, SpaceX attempted what could have been a revolutionary feat: launching a Falcon 9 rocket and landing part of the vehicle on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean. The lunch was success, but the landing was a bit... rough.

Mary Beth Griggs
at 08:40 AM Jan 7 2015

We'll have to wait a few more days to see whether SpaceX can achieve the historic feat of landing it's Falcon 9 rocket on a platform in the Atlantic ocean. The launch, scheduled for this morning was scrubbed with just under a minute-and-a-half left on the countdown clock, when engineers noticed a problem with the thrust actuators on the second stage of the rocket. The thrust actuators help to steer the rocket.

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