Kristen Hall-Geisler
at 08:30 AM Feb 11 2016
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Last year, Tesla Version 7.0 was sent over the air to Tesla Model S computers as they were sleeping snug in their garages. When the cars woke up, they had Autopilot features that assisted their humans with highway driving, particularly lane keeping, lane changing, and active cruise control features. Version 7.0 had the ability to scan for an open parking space and parallel park on command.

Eric Adams
at 10:50 AM Oct 21 2015
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The stock price of Elon Musk's electric car company Tesla Motors went on steep spiral today, shedding at one point 9 percent of its value based on the news that Consumer Reports—which had awarded the Tesla Model S a 103 out of 100 points in a road test just two months ago—discovered that its reliability was, perhaps, less than stellar.

Dave Gershgorn
at 12:09 PM Aug 7 2015
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Two security researchers have found six ways to hack a Tesla Model S, according to Wired. But by today, those six techniques will not work.

Kristen Hall-Geisler
at 09:35 AM Mar 19 2015
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I hopped into the back seat of the new Tesla Model S P85D as it was headed out onto the track at Portland International Raceway. Eric Peterson, our driver and the founder of Dream Drives for Kids turned to make sure we were all strapped in. Gideon, a recent patient at Doernbecher Children's Hospital, was ready in the passenger seat; his little sister Leah was belted into a car seat between me and the kids' mom. Peterson helped Gideon count down: 5…4…3…2…

Dan Moren
at 09:39 AM Mar 4 2015
Cars // 

James Bond may favor Aston Martins and Bentleys when he hits the road, but it turns out that Tesla Model S owners can channel a bit of the British superspy.

at 08:13 AM Feb 4 2015
Cars // 

If you're a Tesla Model S owner, you're already part of a technologically elite crowd, so it's hardly out of the question that you might be in the market for an Apple Watch when the wearable device ships this April. But you might be further enticed by an app that promises to connect the two technologies. Thanks to an app developed by ELEKS, you may one day be able to control your Tesla right from your wrist.

David Noland/ Green Car Reports
at 05:00 AM Dec 3 2013
Cars // 

The Tesla Model S, for all its technical and design artistry, has a dirty little secret: the car has a substantial appetite for kilowatt-hours even when turned off and parked.

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