Mobile // 

The Samsung Galaxy S III is going to be a wild smash hit, I'm sure. And it's a very good phone; a lot of people will ...

Dan Nosowitz at 03:15 AM Jun 21 2012
Gadgets // 

As the world's largest and most popular TV manufacturer, it's worth paying attention to the direction they take at ...

John Mahoney at 10:32 AM Jan 10 2012
Gadgets // 

The 40-inch SUR40, co-created by Samsung and Microsoft, is a thin tabletop computer that sees and responds to ...

Staff Writers at 07:00 AM Dec 27 2011
Gadgets // 

In the world of patent law, it's sometimes a little hard to know what's going on. For instance, today, Samsung ...

Nick Gilbert at 14:58 PM Nov 30 2011
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