Science // 

US President Obama has announced $40 million in aid for island nations in the most danger from rising sea levels due ...

G. Clay Whittaker at 09:49 AM Sep 7 2016
Nature // 

On top of droughts, rising sea levels, and all the other terrible, horrible, no good, very bad environmental news ...

Mary Beth Griggs at 10:05 AM Apr 30 2015

With the specter of rising sea levels threatening many metropolises worldwide, cities are starting to rethink what ...

Mary Beth Griggs at 08:58 AM Nov 6 2014
Energy // 

Right. The United Kingdom's Environment Agency has determined in a report released to The Guardian that the ...

Douglas Main at 11:12 AM Apr 23 2014
Tech // 

When it comes to real effects of rising sea levels, here in Australia we mostly hear about islands in the Pacific. ...

Emily Gertz at 08:39 AM Mar 22 2014
Science // 

The Northeast US has been taking the brunt of rising sea levels not just in the country but in the world, with ...

Colin Lecher at 06:51 AM Jun 26 2012
Science // 

When we think of rising sea levels, we think of global climate change and melting ice caps. Yet there's a disparity ...

Clay Dillow at 07:33 AM May 24 2012
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