Mary Beth Griggs
at 11:23 AM Jan 22 2016

The envelope, please. There are so many great nominees, but there can only be one winner. The year with the record-setting highest temperature goes to...2015! We all knew you were headed for greatness, 2015, especially after that scorching October. But now it's official. Congratulations on your win.

at 06:17 AM Nov 13 2013
Science // 

The images coming out of the Philippines are wrenching. Last week, the country was hit with Typhoon Haiyan, whichmay be the strongest typhoon in recorded history. Then, it was then pelted with a tropical storm (not as badly as predicted, but the rain did threaten flooding and mudslides). The government has confirmed 1,774 deaths, although the count is expected to grow, and it says over 6.9 million people have been affected and nearly 320,000 have been displaced. Other sources report even higher numbers.

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