at 09:26 AM Dec 10 2014
Energy // 

Psst! There's a team of engineers in Canada working on spray-on solar cells. They've got a prototype that applies colloidal quantum dots—a relatively new nanotechnology material that's still under study for whether they could work in solar panels—via spray.

Francie Diep
at 11:57 AM Apr 8 2014
Gadgets // 

I still remember flipping through paper magazines while waiting for webpages to load on my family's PC, in the 1990s. Maybe one day waiting for your phone to charge will seem as antiquated. An Israeli startup recently demonstrated a prototype charger that fully charges a smartphone in 30 seconds. You can watch it below, oooh.

Shaunacy Ferro
at 07:59 AM Feb 21 2013
Science // 

A group of Stanford researchers have inserted a nano-sized, light-producing bioprobe into a single living cell for the first time, which could have implications for future cancer treatments and drug development.

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