We all hear about how bad red meat is for both the planet's health and our own. Planet-wise, there's no argument: ...

Claire Maldarelli at 15:50 PM Oct 12 2017
Science // 

“We are living in a plastic age,” Captain Charles Moore tells PopSci. “We're ignorant of its ...

Kendra Pierre-Louis at 11:38 AM Jul 24 2017
Science // 

The biological differences between men and women can affect the way they react to certain drugs and treatments, ...

Kendra Pierre-Louis at 10:22 AM Jun 28 2017
Tech // 

When it comes to real effects of rising sea levels, here in Australia we mostly hear about islands in the Pacific. ...

Emily Gertz at 08:39 AM Mar 22 2014
Science // 

Another year lies ahead of science, technology and innovation. And PopSci remains as your steady guide, stalwart ...

Anthony Fordham at 10:40 AM Dec 19 2013
Science // 

We're upholding a proud PopSci tradition this month with the Best of What's New. Discover our picks of technology, ...

Anthony Fordham at 11:12 AM Nov 21 2013
Mobile // 

At the PopSci mothership in New York, there are lots of reasons to take pictures of strangers who aren't expecting ...

Dan Nosowitz at 03:00 AM Aug 3 2013
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