Lydia Ramsey
at 08:47 AM Mar 20 2015
Nature // 

In February, California resident Frank Lucido filed a class-action lawsuit claiming Beneful, a dog food by Purina, made his dogs sick. In his complaint, he alleges the dry food was the reason his three dogs, which were living in separate houses, all fell ill or, in the case of his 8-year-old English bulldog, died. More than 3,000 other pet owners have joined the lawsuit after liver failure and other intestinal issues arose in their dogs.

Francie Diep
at 09:36 AM May 21 2014
Mobile // 

There are so many things computer vision can do. It can help cars recognize bikers and brake before they hit them. It can scan security footage to look for a particular person's face. And now, it can help you find a pet that looks like your long-dead childhood dog, that Persian of your neighbor's that you covet, or your favorite Internet celebrity animal.

Jason Tetro
at 04:59 AM Dec 5 2013
Science // 

With the Holiday Season in full swing, many families will turn not to the tried and true tradition of inviting a new addition to the family. Pets are considered to be a popular choice amongst many developed countries and the benefits to owners have been well documented. There is even hope that pet ownership can be a factor in improving psychosocial behaviours in children with autism. From a purely psychological perspective, the idea of a pet appears to be a win-win situation for everyone.

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