Drones // 

Last week, the FAA granted the NFL legal permission to fly drones. The FAA's authorized over a thousand businesses ...

Kelsey D. Atherton at 09:55 AM Sep 28 2015

An injured knee can cost a pro football player millions of dollars, or even an entire career.

Tech // 

For decades, football players have worn rigid, unyielding helmets that protected the skull but did little to prevent ...

David Cassilo at 10:11 AM Sep 5 2014
Science // 

As Super Bowl XLVII approaches, NFL fans are debating and predicting what will give the Baltimore Ravens the edge ...

Colin Lecher at 04:00 AM Feb 2 2013

This morning, Deadspin took a deep look at new research on chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a brain disorder caused ...

Colin Lecher at 01:25 AM Jun 22 2012
Tech // 

During the dark sports month of February, when there's nothing to watch but mid-season NBA games, sometimes I think ...

Rebecca Boyle at 05:44 AM Mar 1 2012
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