Xavier Harding
at 11:10 AM Sep 2 2015
Cars // 

Our first glimpse of Google's driverless cars came in 2012. Since then, Google has confined most of its test-drives of these vehicles to the roads outside its headquarters in Mountain View, California, and recently expanded tests to Austin, Texas (reports of other self-driving car tests by traditional automakers have surfaced in a few other spots around the globe).

Kelsey D. Atherton
at 10:45 AM Apr 7 2015

On the edge of Mountain View, California, they sat. Gigantic, hollow, towering husks. The airship hangars at the Moffett Airfield are a diesel-punk ruin, empty coffins for an era of aviation long since passed. But after decades of disuse, they might usher in the next stage of our cyber-reality. On Wednesday, Google took over the airship hangars at Moffett field and the surrounding 1,000 acres.

Dan Nosowitz
at 06:34 AM Oct 30 2012
Mobile // 

While the New York team cowers behind cans of overpriced and underflavoured Amy's Soup, those spoiled techies out in Mountain View, California - the location of Google headquarters - announced a whole mess of new Android stuff today. Here's what you need to know.

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