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Smartwatch fans may not need to wait until IFA 2015 to see the latest installments from Motorola and Samsung. ...

Xavier Harding at 10:06 AM Aug 31 2015
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Motorola's Scout5000 is perhaps the most advanced dog collar we've seen yet. Where you might expect a name tag, the ...

davemosher at 08:03 AM Jan 12 2015
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Last month, Motorola announced a plan for a modular smartphone.Project Ara, the company said, will be a simple way ...

Colin Lecher at 07:30 AM Nov 23 2013
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The new Moto X smartphone, Motorola's first start-to-finish project after its acquisition by Google last year, is here.

Dan Nosowitz at 05:00 AM Aug 2 2013
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