Energy // 

Plutonium-238 is the fuel that is driving the Mars rover Curiosity across the Martian landscape. It flew the New ...

Mary Beth Griggs at 19:21 PM Dec 26 2015
Science // 

The intrepid Mars rover Curiosity has already confirmedthat water once flowed on Mars, but that it's long since ...

Colin Lecher at 06:04 AM Dec 17 2013
Tech // 

Happy 55th anniversary, NASA! Here's what you're getting as a present: screwed.

Colin Lecher at 03:00 AM Oct 2 2013
Space // 

The rover Curiosity, our best friend on Mars, has always had the ability to pilot itself around its new home. But ...

Dan Nosowitz at 03:00 AM Aug 30 2013
Space // 

The Mars rover Curiosity has spent the past year driving around the surface of of its new home, drilling and digging ...

Dan Nosowitz at 07:45 AM Aug 2 2013
Science // 

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and NASA have released a composite photo from the Mars rover Curiosity - a ...

Joey Carmichael at 01:00 AM Jun 21 2013
Space // 

Bad news for those of you who want to go to Mars in the next few years: Without better shielding technology, you'll ...

Shaunacy Ferro at 07:00 AM May 31 2013
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