Levi Sharpe
at 10:52 AM Jul 17 2015
Robots // 

We're a long way off from having robots with an artificial intelligence close to what is seen in movies such as Her or Ex Machina. But for the first time, three humanoid robots showed a glimmer of self-consciousness by solving a classic philosophical problem.

Sophie Bushwick
at 10:31 AM May 25 2015
Robots // 

Friendly humanoid robots, a staple of science fiction, may soon staff stores, hotels, airports, hospitals, and even our own homes. Not everyone will be able to afford a shiny robot companion—but anyone can 3-D print one.

Dan Moren
at 16:36 PM Apr 23 2015
Robots // 

Humanoid robots like Star Trek's data have long been the stuff of science-fiction, but if Hanson Robotics's latest foray into a person-like artificial being is any indication, that day may be...well, still pretty far off.

Clay Dillow
at 04:01 AM Nov 13 2012

Before we can construct the realistic humanoid robots that populate our most vivid sci-fi-driven dreams, there are a lot of human systems that researchers are going to have to emulate synthetically. Not the least challenging is human skin; filled with nerve endings and able to heal itself over time, our skin serves as both a massive sensory system and a barrier between our innards and the outside world. Now, an interdisciplinary team of Stanford researchers has created the first synthetic material that is both self-healing at room temperature and sensitive to touch - a breakthrough that could be the beginnings of a new kind of robot skin (and in the meantime enjoy much more practical applications like enhanced prosthetics).

Clay Dillow
at 07:05 AM Jul 12 2012
Robots // 

The "uncanny valley" principle - the idea that when robots (or politicians) look human but not quite realistic enough, it makes real humans terribly uncomfortable - is a persistent problem for roboticists pursuing realistic humanoid robots. But research also shows that the uncanny valley effect can be somewhat mitigated by making the robotic more attractive and lifelike. To that end, Italian roboticists have created FACE, a realistic humanoid bust designed to closely mimic the many facial expressions our facial muscles are capable of.

Rebecca Boyle
at 02:12 AM Apr 6 2012
Tech // 

DARPA is poised to launch a new Grand Challenge for a humanoid robot, according to robotics insiders - and the result could be a souped-up metal soldier running alongside BigDog, driving an ATV, unlocking doors and clearing a path to safety for its human counterparts. There's no official agency announcement yet, but robotics companies heard all about it at a recent industry day.

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