The Hubble Space Telescope has continuously unleashed a stream of jaw-dropping intergalactic imagery since it ...

Josh Hrala at 11:46 AM May 4 2016

The Hubble Space Telescope turns 26 years old this Sunday, April 24. That's ancient in space telescope years, but ...

Mary Beth Griggs at 08:35 AM Apr 22 2016
Space // 

The massive mirror on the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), is now ...

Mary Beth Griggs at 12:26 PM Feb 18 2016
Space // 

Every year, the Hubble Space Telescope snaps a family portrait of the Solar System. It images each planet in detail, ...

Sarah Fecht at 09:53 AM Oct 15 2015
Space // 

Her online alias is Planetary Keri, but in real life she goes by the name of Keri Bean. An engineer for NASA's

Shannon Stirone at 11:13 AM Mar 24 2015
Space // 

NASA announced today that researchers using the Hubble space telescope have detected the presence of a saltwater ...

Mary Beth Griggs at 10:48 AM Mar 16 2015
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