Dan Moren
at 08:20 AM Feb 27 2015

After years of struggling and debate, the US Federal Communication Commission today voted to reclassify broadband providers under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, paving the way for new rules on net neutrality. But what does that actually mean?

Dan Moren
at 09:31 AM Feb 6 2015

Four months after President Obama asked the Federal Communications Commission to adopt strict net neutrality measures, the agency has come up with a plan. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced that he will submit a proposal to the agency's commissioners later this month that would impose tighter regulations on how broadband providers can manage their traffic.

Kelsey D. Atherton
at 08:00 AM Jan 15 2014
Tech // 

Over in the US, the DC Circuit Court has issued a ruling in Verizon v. FCC that is likely the shape the very nature of the internet. At the heart of the case is how the companies that provide internet to consumers can control that flow of information. In 2010, the Federal Communications Commission put forth an order that required "network neutrality," meaning that internet providers had to treat all packets delivered on the internet as equal. Today, a court ruledthat the FCC lacks the authority to impose net neutrality on high-speed internet providers.

Paul Adams
at 07:15 AM Feb 5 2013
Tech // 

Julius Genachowski and his Federal Communications Commission have proposed a first-of-its-kind plan: create a freely accessible wireless internet service that would be available throughout the United States. Though it might take several years to roll out, it could potentially replace the home broadband connections we pay for, as well as facilitate other wireless-data technologies like free voice calls, networked medical devices, and driverless cars.

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