Drones // 

It seems if you control a large portion of the internet, you have vested interest in getting the internet to more ...

Dave Gershgorn at 10:34 AM Feb 1 2016

When IBM's Deep Blue computer beat chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov, the world noticed. Machine had bested man, in a ...

Dave Gershgorn at 08:37 AM Jan 28 2016

Last year in October, Facebook's chief product officer Chris Cox announced the social network was finally bringing ...

Jason Lederman at 08:36 AM Jan 28 2016

Even aside from the fear that evil A.I.s will take over the world, the field of artificial intelligence can be ...

Dave Gershgorn at 22:54 PM Jan 27 2016
Tech // 

"You're going to start seeing a lot more 360 degree video on your News Feed," Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer told ...

Dave Gershgorn at 11:51 AM Jan 25 2016
Gadgets // 

Facebook is the place for friends, family, and strangers to collectively post strong opinions — including many ...

Dave Gershgorn at 11:24 AM Jan 22 2016
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