Loren Grush
at 10:09 AM Oct 13 2014
Space // 

About 260 light years away from Earth, there is a wild exoplanet about the size of Jupiter -- but with double its mass. Known as WASP-43b, this huge planet orbits its host star, an orange dwarf, in just 19 short hours, meaning its “years” are shorter than Earth’s days.

James Bullen
at 15:00 PM Oct 20 2011

Not long after the discover of fifty new exoplanets by the European Southern Observatory in September, an Australian astronomer has helped capture the first ever images of an exoplanet being formed with the help of the Keck telescope in Hawaii.

Clay Dillow
at 07:08 AM Sep 1 2011
Science // 

Scientists have tracked down another goldilocks planet 31 light-years from Earth, and according to astronomers it has some strong points in its favor when it comes to the possibility of harboring the ingredients for life. HD85512b orbits an orange dwarf in the constellation Vela, and it's just the right distance from the sun--and just the right mass--to rank among the most Earth-like planets ever discovered.

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