Dave Gershgorn
at 22:55 PM Jan 27 2016

In 1955, in a small room at Dartmouth University, four scientists proposed that if 10 researchers dedicated a summer to building machines that could learn, they could make a considerable dent in a new field, which they called "artificial intelligence."

Daniel Engber
at 09:37 AM Nov 15 2014
Science // 

It’s easy to understand the theoretical minimum temperature: absolute zero. The absolute maximum, on the other hand, is squirrely. “We just don’t know whether we can take energy all the way up to infinity,” says Stephon Alexander, a physicist at Dartmouth University. “But it’s theoretically plausible.” 

Colin Lecher
at 05:46 AM Aug 8 2012
Tech // 

You are unique. This is one of the more obscure ways you're unique: An alternating current of different frequencies running through you causes a reaction that's noticeably different from anyone else's. Researchers from Dartmouth University are trying to put this difference to use by creating wearable electronics that respond to - and only to - their intended user.

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