Kevin Ohannessian
at 09:37 AM Oct 23 2014
Space // 

A team of scientists at Carnegie Mellon have built a robot that will send video from the moon to the Earth. And the robot will be controlled by the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, with the 3-D camera on the robot turning to match the head movements of the user.

Kelsey D. Atherton
at 07:15 AM Jun 19 2013
Tech // 

Using security cameras and algorithms, researchers at Carnegie Mellon created a nursing home monitoring system that "located individuals within one meter of their actual position 88 percent of the time." That's great news for people who want to be monitored all the time. For people who prefer to go about their business unobserved, it's another step toward a perfectly tracked future.

Kelsey D. Atherton
at 02:00 AM Mar 19 2013
Tech // 

Chimpanzees? Cool. Tanks? Cool. Robots? Also cool. Combine them, and you have either the best transformer ever, or Carnegie Mellon's new human-sized robot chimp tank.

Popular science
at 08:34 AM May 9 2012
Energy // 

VICE, in concert with GE, recently created a video called ecomagination - The Energy Fixers. The Energy Fixers focuses on eco-minded innovators working to change the energy game and re-envisioning our energy future.

Rebecca Boyle
at 11:24 AM Jan 18 2012
Tech // 

Dogs and robots are both known for their search and rescue abilities, but each has its own flaws. Robots can't sniff, and other than barking, dogs can't relay specific information about survivors. But put them together and you've really got something.

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