Kelsey D. Atherton
at 09:37 AM Oct 23 2014
Cars // 

A major selling point of self-driving cars is what they remove from the road: human error, driver exhaustion, distracted driving because someone has to keep reminding the urchins in the backseat that "No, we’re not there yet, and if you keep asking I'm pulling the car over right now." Less attention has been paid to the new capabilities driverless cars will open up, such as traveling at much higher speeds than a human driver could manage. Carmaker Audi claims they just set a speed record for driverless cars, zooming 149 mph around a racing circuit in (of course) Germany.

Rose Pastore
at 00:30 AM Jun 18 2013
Cars // 

Carmaker Audi prompted some head-scratching last year when it purchased Italian motorcycle company Ducati for $1.12 billion. Now, French designers and brothers Thibault Devauze and Marc Devauze have imagined what a four-ringed motorcycle might be like with their new concept Audi Motorrad, based on the Ducati 848.

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