Lost a tooth? A new 3D-printed replacement might protect against future cavities. Published earlier this month by ...

Kelsey D. Atherton at 09:58 AM Oct 19 2015

The vaginal microbiome is complex and mysterious; the bacteria that make it up

The colonies of bacteria living in our throats could indicate whether or not a person has schizophrenia, according ...

Alexandra Ossola at 00:51 AM Aug 28 2015
Nature // 

The colonies of bacteria living on your body do more than help you digest food. According to models created by ...

Alexandra Ossola at 10:52 AM Jul 17 2015

If you've ever wondered what bacteria are currently taking up residence inside your mouth, you are in luck.

Claire Maldarelli at 10:52 AM Jul 17 2015
Nature // 

Over the past few years, researchers have gotten a much better idea of the importance of the human microbiome--the ...

Alexandra Ossola at 12:10 PM May 18 2015

All over the world, bacteria are faced with the impeding threat of doom from a group of small invaders known as ...

Jason Tetro at 10:43 AM Apr 29 2015
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