Dave Gershgorn
at 16:20 PM Feb 24 2016
Mobile // 

I can't find a single person who hates laser tag. I've asked a bunch of people, and they all get excited about it. Whether it's the fact that you get to point a fake gun at another human being with no remorse, or just an affinity for neon, laser tag is nearly universally regarded as awesome.

Mary Beth Griggs
at 10:45 AM Dec 2 2015

Virtual and augmented reality devices have slowly edged their way into our lives, popping up on headsets and in cars. Now, they are boldly going where no AR or VR has gone before, into space.

Kelsey D. Atherton
at 10:06 AM Nov 23 2015
Cars // 

Swedish automaker Volvo has a long-held reputation as a car company that puts safety first. Some safety features, like replacing spear-like traditional steering wheel shafts with bulkier, non-impaley versions are easy to see. Other features, like laser sensors that detect the movements of nearby cars, are a little trickier to demonstrate on the showroom floor. So, to advertise their safety in the modern era, Volvo teamed with Microsoft to create models of the cars in virtual reality:

Dave Gershgorn
at 11:23 AM Nov 13 2015

The marketplace of virtual reality headsets is starting to become more clear: Oculus and the HTC Vive will be major top-tier players, while Samsung Gear and other low-cost phone mounts like Noon VR will target the casual viewer. However, in the realm of augmented reality, the Microsoft HoloLens has been the only mainstream contender. Until now.

Carl Franzen
at 11:41 AM Oct 7 2015

At the beginning of 2015, Microsoft showed off the HoloLens, an ambitious headset that displays digital images over the world around you, using a technology commonly referred to as augmented reality. Today at a big press event in New York City, the company announced that HoloLens will be available in the first quarter of 2016 starting at a price of $3,000 — but only for software developers.

G. Clay Whittaker
at 12:07 PM Sep 11 2015
Gaming // 

Time to put the cards and handheld games away and go outside. But not because you've been cooped up too long: because next year outside is where you'll find Pokémon.

at 11:17 AM Jun 26 2015

One of Microsoft's most ambitious projects of the last few decades is HoloLens, a prototype headset that displays holograms over the real world as you look around. Also known as augmented reality, the technology has so far-been used for mostly entertainment purposes, putting Minecraft on your tabletop, for example. But now Microsoft is teaming up with NASA to take HoloLens much further than its ever gone before: outer space, to be exact. NASA and Microsoft have already been testing HoloLens in weightless environments simulated on a plane:

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