12 Amazing Space Vines From NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman
Rafi Letzter
at 08:30 AM Nov 8 2014
Soyuz selfie!
Reid Wiseman
Space // 

One of the great benefits of high speed Internet is that astronauts are more connected to home then ever. In addition to all the valuable science they do up in space, we get the benefit of their presence online and on sites like Twitter, where they can amass huge followings.

NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman and ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst, both part of the current International Space Station (ISS) crew, regularly post amazing photographs of our planet from the orbital outpost. But Wiseman takes it a step farther with his gorgeous #SpaceVines, offering animated views of Earth from above. Here are some of our favorites:

This 6-Second Moon-Set

This Selfie Lensed Through A Floating Water Droplet

This Time-Lapse Of The ISS' Path From New Orleans to New York City

This Journey Through The Aurora Borealis

This Coffee Delivery To Alexander Gerst

This Ignition Of Flex-2

These Shots Of SpaceX's Dragon Capsule

This Lightning Over Kansas

This Physics Demonstration

Finally, This Release Of The Cygnus Capsule

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