String-theorist Brian Greene to tour Australia in 2016
at 11:31 AM Oct 21 2015
String-theorist Brian Greene to tour Australia in 2016
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As part of an ongoing tradition of giving prominent scientists the rock-star treatment, 2016 will see Dr Brian Greene embark on an Aussie tour and bring string theory to the masses. Or at least to an interested audience.

Dr Greene is at the forefront of string theory - a complex theoretical framework that aims to unify quantum mechanics and classical physics. It involves the vibration of one-dimensional "strings" and is anything but easy to explain.

With three dates in March 2016, An Evening with Brian Greene will nevertheless attempt to give at least some insight into this fascinating aspect of ultra-hardcore theoretical science.

Kicking off at the Astor Theatre in Perth on Wednesday, 16th March 2016, the tour then moves to The Big Top at Luna Park in Sydney on 18th March, and finishes up in Melbourne Park on the 19th of March.

Tickets are available from

The tour is being run by the same team that brought us an evening with Dr Michio Kaku and Dr Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Both were amazing experiences, and we can look forward to another fascinating and eye-opening evening of pure science. Don't miss out - book now!

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