'Black Mirror' Returns October 21 On Netflix
Thom Leavy
at 13:05 PM Jul 28 2016
Back in Black
Courtesy of @BlackMirror
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"86 days." That's all the official Black Mirror Twitter account had to share today to drive hundreds of likes, retweets, and exclamatory responses. The cult British sci-fi TV show's greatest reactions were those of the shocked and appalled— shocked by the unnerving, socio-technological commentary, and appalled by the limited number (just seven total) episodes to date.

Rumors that Netflix would option a third season were confirmed almost a year ago, with no official release date until today. But now we know for sure: Black Mirror will return for a third season of 12 new episodes available in all countries where Netflix is available, on October 21, at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time (3:01 a.m. Eastern).

With the release date poised ten days before Halloween, maybe we'll get another holiday-special Jon Hamm cameo.

Recalling the series premiere's eerie premonition of the David Cameron swine sex act allegations, maybe this season's premiere will make stark predictions about the yet-to-be-elected 45th President of the United States, with election night following two weeks later.

It doesn't offer any spoilers, but a trailer reflecting (pun intended) on the move to Netflix will have to do while you wait.


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