Aussie Roboticists Build A Driverless Boat
Lindsay Handmer
at 09:35 AM Sep 15 2014
QUT RobotX 2014 Team
Queensland University Of Technology
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Autonomous cars get all the attention, but now the driverless boat is getting a look in. Built by a team from the Queensland University of Technology, the boat is designed to compete in the Maritime RobotX Challenge later this year.

Many boats already have autopilots that can steer them or navigate via GPS. But these systems are not designed to handle rough and rapidly changing environmental conditions that are found outside sheltered waters. For example, a capable autonomous boat could be used for search and rescue during storms when it is too dangerous for humans to on the water. The RobotX competition runs from October 20 - 26 in Singapore, with teams from all round the world competing, but we are rooting for the Aussies. The team is also looking for some business sponsorship to help cover costs for the trip, so make sure you head over to their project page. Check out a teaser video to see the boat in action.



Read more at the Queensland University of Technology or the Team QUT Project page. 

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