Issue #84 - November 2015

The November 2015 issue is out right now! And it's the annual Future of the Car issue, featuring all the technology and innovation set to disrupt the world of motoring in the very, very near future. Plus: can Australia afford to dabble in nuclear power?

When is a car not a car? When it's from the future. Tomorrow's cars will be cleaner, smarter, faster and... 3D printed? Indeed. Plus, what it's like to do a hot lap when your driver is a robot. 150 km/h through a chicane with no hands on the wheel is... intense.

We also reignite the debate on nuclear power in Australia. We have the uranium, but can we afford to take the risk this technology poses? Are next-generation reactors the answer, or is nuclear a stop-gap measure that creates more problems than it solves?

Then, it's down to Australia's first body farm, where donors generously leave their mortal remains to science. Does science treat their bodies with respect? Sort of... in that the way these people will be dumped in fields, creek beds, car boots and swamps is all done under controlled conditions in the name of forensic science. It's a fascinating but poorly-understood aspect of medicine.

Plus! We bust all thos persistent neuromyths, check in with Australia's quest for quantum computing, celebrate 100 years of Einstein's relativity, and much more. 

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