Issue #81 - August 2015

Want to go to space but are also terrified of rockets, intense acceleration, loud noises, and not having a bar? Then we may have a solution for you. Plus super short sci-fi from the world's best authors!

Seeing the world from a distance apparently changes you fundamentally, as a person. It could be good for society if more people get, you know, high. But rockets are expensive and let's be honest, dangerous. There is another solution. It involves a gigantic balloon, a fancy gondola capsule, and a bar 30 km in the sky...

Plus! How Porsche won Le Mans with a two-litre engine, sci-fi from your favourite authors, a 3D printer that doesn't stink, and why washing your hands in hardcore antibacterial detergent could actually be making you sicker. Also, naturally, heaps more.

Issue #81, August 2015 - out now in shops!

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