Issue #79 - June 2015

The fastest spy plane ever built is also a drone. Find out why hypersonic is the new supersonic, figure out the world's energy problems, resurrect the mammoth and an almost incomprehensible huge variety of other interesting things - all in one magazine!

The June 2015 edition is on sale from the 28th of May!

A massive issue focused on SPEED. The future of speed, specifically insane in-atmosphere hypersonic SPEED. In the form of various hypersonic ramjet and SCRAMjet experiments, both civilian and military. Will we ever crack Mach 10 and jet to London for an afternoon?

We also have an exclusive, in-depth look at the SR-72, successor to the famous Blackbird and possibly the fastest spy plane ever built (unless you count space craft).

Beyond speed though, we have a huge feature on next-gen energy. Responses to the world's least-tractable energy problems are as varied as they are ingenious. We profile some of the world's most promising energy entrepreneurs. Now all that remains is for companies and governments to get building.

Plus, we bring back the mammoth, cure everything with stem cells, fly around the world on solar power, make friends with a robot that could save us from disaster and MUCH MUCH MORE!

On sale 28 May. Get it in shops. Or even subscribe!

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