Issue #74 - January 2015

Our first issue of the new year goes all military. But quietly. And without pilots. Well, at least without pilots in the quiet, invisible stealth drones we profile, anyway. The pilots stay back at base. Remote control - because there's nothing stealthier than not even being there. But seriously, these two drones could change the face of war. We investigate how. Plus...

We give you a top-leve tour of the biggest science and technology stories we expect to cover throughout 2015. Everything from genetics to internet privacy to suspended animation to private spaceflight. Though those last two will probably end up linked somehow...

After our huge stealth drone feature we're sure you'll want to try a little drone action for yourself. But why spend US$20 billion when you can spend just a few hundred dollars for a surprisingly robust and full-featured little quadcopter? We share our pick of the drones to buy, and we'll also teach you the basics of how to fly 'em.

Plus we've got updates on virtual reality, our germs in space, 3D printed lollies, art made from DNA, NASA's experimental lop-sided jet fighter, and a hybrid Audi (the one they said Aussies didn't want).

Need more? Okay, how about how to hack your own radar gun and make a "genuine" Daft Punk helmet? And heaps more!

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