Issue #71 - October 2014

The future of your car is the future of personal freedom... but how much freedom will you really have if your car is doing all the driving? We look at 10 disruptive technologies and personalities, and discover how your next new car might be very different from your last. And that's not all...

We also go for a spin in the Unveristy of New South Wales' amazing solar-powered cruiser and discover how unlike solar cars before it, eVe could be a prototype for something you might one day have in your own garage.

Then it's time to ask that age-old question: why are a bunch of random Americans obsessed with completing the famous Snake River Canyon jump that Evel Knieval failed decades ago?

We rate the Top 10 most important young scientists in the world today, try to figure out if airborne wind turbines could revitalised the wind-power industry, drive the VF Commodore on sugar, go back to vinyl records, build an old-school crystal radio and heaps more.

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