Issue #70 September 2020

Cyber war, science celebrities, human limits, the future of solar power and the fate of nuclear fission. All this and more inside our super-stuffed September edition. Crack it open and take a look!

Our September issue has a massive feature on what is very much the future of warfare - cyber war. The battlefield of tomorrow will be inside the information systems of the enemy. What use are sophisticated missile targeting systems and semi-autonomous drones if the information being fed to them has been spoofed? We examine how the very philosophy of war is about to change.

Then we go free diving - as in, going deep without any sort of breathing apparatus. How far can we push our bodies, by exploiting a "dive reflex" that's dormant inside all of us? One intrepid Popular Science writer takes the plunge... literally. And the results are surprising.

We take this idea of human performance further by tracking and analysing all the so-called "human extremes". Height, weight, speed, intelligence and more - are we already getting the most out of our biology or can we push ourselves harder?

And we drop in with Bill Nye the Science Guy - hero of the internets and debated of religious absolutists. What makes the man tick? Why is he so passionate about science communication?

Plus! The future of solar power, riding an electric Harley, why biplanes are still relevant, living with the Holden Volt, and why so much of the world is abandoning nuclear power.

All that crammed into one magazine. Will a month be long enough to read it all? Take the challenge!


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