Issue #68 - July 2014

Our science fiction spectacular issue is coming! It's an annual tradition, where we pick apart the latest blockbuster movies and say, sure the whole thing is ridiculous but... is there a hint of science fact behind the science foolishness? And that's not all...

We also take a look at the way so many of the cheesiest sci-fi films - not even GOOD films - tap into our major concerns. Is B-grade's true role to help us come to terms with a scary and uncertain future?

And because it seemed kind of relevant, we quickly run through those persistent science myths that everyone insists are true. We've debunked them before, we're debunking them now and we'll probably have to debunk them again. But hey - it's a handy chart for breaking the ice at parties.

Beyond the SF, we ride along with a bunch of US repo men who are out there scanning license plates. You know, the same way so many Australian police cars do now. Is this even a bad thing, though?

Then we ask a pertinent question: could GM food actually save you, rather than kill you?

And we detail a $10 project where a bunch of IR LEDs and an old cap can help protect your identity from facial-recognition cameras. It's the 2014 equivalent of a tin-foil hat!

Plus our usual round up of reviews, with everything from Intel's take on Arduino, to a beard trimmer with a LASER.

Also I have an opinion about exosuits. Those silly, silly exosuits.

All in the July 2014 edition of Australian Popular Science, on sale 26 June!

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