Issue #67 - June 2014

Water, water, every where (yes, two words, read the original) - that's what Coleridge's Ancient Mariner saw, and it's what the world has to get its head around in the century, uh, ahead. This is our Water Issue where we look at how grand, ambitious tech projects can create clean, drinkable water for millions. And what does Segway have to do with it?

We've already teased a few of the articles in the this issue, like:

A better World Cup Ball

A small engine with big power

What we need to do abour forensic science

Being a roboticist in your undies

The most intruiging stars in the universe

The Science of Bubbles

Plus our massive special feature on the future of water. How can we all survive in an increasingly thirsty world? 

Our reviews section returns apace with smartwatches, high-resolution music systems, smarter GPS and Ford's mad little Fiesta ST.

Plus we ask the most important question in science: Where's my jetpack?

All in the June edition on sale now! Or you could even subscribe... hmn...

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