A Three Square Metre LED Wall You Can Control With Your iPad
Nick Gilbert
at 12:18 PM Jun 22 2012
Let's get this party started
Greg Friedland/YouTube

A California man has made himself a large LED 'wall' , that displays different colours, words and patterns thanks to a customised software suite that responds to music and runs on your iPad.

Creator Greg Friedland writes that he initially began the project because he had empty wall space in his lounge room and nothing with which to fill it. In the end, he went with more than your average LED mirror, and settled on a somewhat psychedelic LED display powered by 554 different RGB lights.

"This is my largest and most involved project to-date (involving soldering, woodworking, and microcontroller as well as PC programming), so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out; but it ended up coming out much better than I expected," he writes.

The iPad control software, based on the TouchOSC app, allows the user to write words or draw on the iPad and 'project' it straight onto the wall, create custom colour patterns, or switch on music responsiveness mode to visualise your beats.

We reckon this would be pretty incredible to have running at a house party. Impromptu disco club here we come.

Greg has also helpfully provided a fairly detailed build guide, which you can check out here.

[via Make]

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