Images of The Week, March 12-16
Dan Nosowitz
at 10:11 AM Mar 19 2012

It's a bit of a gloomy March day outside, but this week's image roundup is a particularly cheerful one. Look at that colourful, wet little guy up top! Also this week: Japanese tourists try to drive to an Australian island without the benefit of a bridge or tunnel and get stuck in the mud, a man buys an iPad and is applauded for his initiative, and the phrase "hot defensive bee ball" is accompanied by an image that will haunt us at least until next week. Enjoy the weekend!

  • Dewdrop Insect

    Ondrej Pakan's gorgeous macro shots of insects bedecked with dewdrops are just about the prettiest shots of what are basically just wet bugs we've ever seen. We love the magnification effect going on with some of the water droplets - each individual speck provides a warped insight into the tiny details of the insect.

  • Robot, Meet Human

    Robonaut 2 has been around for a few years now, but we never get tired of its exploits. And this picture shows the R2 reaching out to touch a human. Oddly reminiscent of Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam" - we wonder if it was intentional? Even the hand poses are the same. NASA notes that it and GM are working on new robotic gloves to assist astronauts and other workers. 

  • You Got One!

    The first iPad to be sold in Apple's flagship New York City store on 5th Avenue is hoisted triumphantly as onlookers applaud the moxie and willpower it takes to... purchase a gadget. We just got ours, by the way - shipped to our office, because why wouldn't we do that - so you can expect our review very soon. 

  • Homeless Hotspot

    At this year's SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas, a marketing agency called BBH stirred up some controversy with the Homeless Hotspots program, which outfits homeless people with a 4G wireless hotspot and sends them around to those who might need internet at the show. It's been called exploitative and dehumanising - what's your opinion?

  • Shrekbot?

    At the Innorobo robot event in Lyon, France, the Reeti showed off its emotions. It's a robot with the ability to perceive and react to human expressions - Reeti is equipped with a sensor in each eye and one in his mouth. He can also blush red or blue. 

  • Spider Guitar

    This intricate arachnophilic guitar body looks... cool, I guess, if you're into stuff like that. But what's more impressive to us is that the whole body was made with a 3D printer. Olaf Diegel, a mechatronics professor at Massey University in New Zealand created the guitar to demonstrate how complex structures could be built with 3D printers. 

  • Damn You GPS

    On March 15th, three Japanese tourists in Australia tried to follow their GPS's directions to Stradbroke Island, off the coast of Queensland. Unfortunately, the GPS led them directly into the ocean, where they drove 500 metres in low tide until getting stuck. Two hours later, they were submerged under two metres of water. Nobody was hurt, everybody laughed, the rental company charged about $1,500 in damages. 

  • High Line Finale

    The third and final phase of New York's High Line park was revealed this week, and it looks great: foliage, amazing views, a climbing structure for kids. It's set to open sometime in 2014. Check out that curly staircase!

  • Bee-Ball

    Japanese honeybees have an insane defensive ploy: they swarm around the predator (like, say, a hornet) so aggressively that the heat from their bodies actually cooks their would-be aggressor.  

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