Images of the Week, April 16-20
Dan Nosowitz
at 12:17 PM Apr 23 2012

In this week's roundup, we say goodbye to the space shuttle Discovery, hello to a bright purple crab, "yes please" to laser-cut nori, and "God - get that thing away from me" to an orb-weaver spider. More amazing images from the past week in the gallery below.

  • Into the Sunset

    There's been a ton of beautiful shots of the space shuttle Discovery riding atop its Boeing 747 transporter to its new home in the Smithsonian. This might be one of the more poignant.

  • Laser-Cut Nori

    Japanese ad agency I&SBBDO - maybe it's easier to remember in Japanese - was tasked with selling nori, a popular and essential product, but not necessarily an exciting one. So they used a laser cutter to cut the sheets of seaweed into beautiful patterns. 

  • Midnight Snack

    Our pals at Pop Photo just put up a gallery of macro photos of insects taken by their (almost threateningly) talented readers. The whole gallery is amazing, but this shot of an orb-weaver spider about to dig in to a meal of a moth really gave us the shivers. 

  • Robot Server, Circa 1983

    Said the Miami News back in 1983: "The pair at the Two Panda Deli, a fast-food Chinese eatery in Pasadena, have been known to drop food and spin in circles when police radios operate nearby. They’re programmed to be nice to customers - 'Will there be anything else?' - in Japanese, English and Spanish. Patrons whose commands confuse the pair get the response: 'That’s not my problem,' accompanied by a short blast of disco music to which the bubbleheads dance back and forth."

  • Elephant Walk

    To commemorate D-Day, the US Air Force set up a procession called an "elephant walk," involving 70 F-15E Strike Eagles, wing to wing. If you're interested, the full set of photos can be found over on the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base website. 

  • Brain Gloves

    These brain-like gloves - being worn by an alien from the movie Avatar? - sure look strange. They're modelled on patterns find in nature, and are constructed in 16-micron chunks. Find out more in our May edition of PopSci. 

  • Penguins Seen From Space

    A joint project between the University of Minnesota's Polar Geospatial Center and the British Antarctic Survey showed that there are twice as many emperor penguins in the Antarctic than previously thought. And they did it by examining high-resolution photos from a satellite. That dark smudge in the middle of the image at right is actually a penguin colony. 

  • Purple Crab

    Nobody is really sure why this crab species, newly discovered and named Insulamon palawanense after its home on the Philippine island of Palawan, is so brightly coloured purple. Some theorise it's simply a means of one crab recognising a friend. Sure is festive, though! 

  • Sniper Practice

    Taken at the ISSF Shooting Cup in London, this shooter wears an eyeshield while preparing for a shot. 

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