You Can Pay Via Fingerprint With Samsung's Latest Phone
Colin Lecher
at 10:18 AM Feb 25 2014
Galaxy S5
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At Mobile World Congress today, Samsung announced the latest version of its flagshipsmartphone, the Galaxy S5. If it's anything like the S4, lots of people will buy it. Since it has a larger number in the front, it will probably be better:bigger, faster, etc.

But more intriguingly, it's going long on biometrics: not only does it feature a pulse-detector, there's also a fingerprint scanner stuffed inside, a la the latest iPhone. Unlike Apple's machine, though, Samsung has teamed up with PayPal to get you shopping through, literally, the press of a single button. Rather than logging in with a standard password on sites accepting PayPal, S5 users will soon be able to access their accounts through their fingers. 



Last year, PayPal started teasing the idea of letting a person log in to any site that accepts PayPal through finger scanning, then using that system to shop, bypassing any need for a password. Now we know it's coming to the S5. Will this Forever Change The World As Know It? Probably not. But maybe the iPhone scanner wasn't a fluke idea.

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